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Way too short.

It was going somewhere good, then just stopped. You need at least an ending since you have a plot sort of beginning. And IIRC, the portals in Portal were orange, not red.

Its a fair enough collab.

Most of the C/Ts were fairly well-done. I especially liked MephistonX's. However fragmonkey's was wayyy too slow. The rest of the flashes were fine and dandy.

Preloader, Intro Movie, & Menu:
Could use a better preloader. Kinda simple considering the concept for the flash. The intro movie had a nice touch but its sound was awfully scratchy. At the menu, I'd like to see author's names with the C&T titles. I liked the buttons. =)

Looking forward to the next Sunday C&T!

RSQViper responds:

Thanks for the review. MephistonX's was the headliner fo rthe week. He put a lot of work into it.

The preloader is something that will be updated in the future, though. We already have that planned. As for the scratchy sound in the into, that was due to a very OLD recording from the "Muppets" critics Statler and Waldorph. It's hard not to use their recordings. I love those guys.

I am still thinking about the buttons. The author's names are in the Flashes themselves and if more artists get onboard the buttons will get smaller to allow room.

The next Sunday C&T is already in the works, my friend!


Graphics: I'll admit that the animation was fairly well done. However, the drawings of everything but the lightsabers were just plain bad. Try to use figures with at least arms and legs. The background wasn't done very well either.

Style: Random fight, nothing new at all.

Sound: Good syncing/timing with the sound effects.

Full-figures next time please.

TheAmateurAnimator responds:


Pretty good.

The graphics weren't top-notch but there were still very well done and animated. And like people have been saying, the movie could've used some voice acting. I liked how the flash and the music were synchronized in their moods.

You've done really well for your fourth flash. Keep it up!

Wisdom will come from unexpected sources.

That seemed like a very long 3 minutes. Maybe its the mood I'm in, but it didn't seem very funny to me. Too slow with the jokes. Well, its still a good claymation.

Knox responds:

seemed fast to me

Absolutely amazing.

Man, this was even better than the first. I can't believe how much detail was put into it. Even the sound was awesome. Good job and greatly anticipating the next one.

O... M... G...

That was incredible. Some of the best graphics I've seen on NG. Definitely on my favorites list. Too bad that its filesize is so large. Guess that's cause of Swift 3d?

Ugh my ears!

Graphics: Amazing graphics.

Style: Excellent idea, a new spin on the way swear words are explained.

Sound: The bleeping gets really screechy at times. Its way too loud, or my speakers can't handle it. Probably the former.

Humour: The kid pissed his pants! That says it all.

Very good stuff. Well, I couldn't visit your site because its down right now but if you have more episodes, bring 'em over!


Graphics: Fairly good drawing skills. Nice smooth animation.

Style: Nice, random and simple.

Sound: Good voice acting and sound effects.

Violence: Lovely blood... Warm blood... Red blood...

Humour: "Ale and whores for everyone!" says it all.

I guess its good that you lost your mind, because this was excellent.

Very borderline.

Graphics: There wasn't much to judge here, but most of it was drawn well. Not much animation.

Style: Borderline aggravating.

Sound: The voice was a fair imitation of Kayne West, nothing great.

Humour: Too many corny jokes. Thing I found most funny was the website at the end.

I can see that you are trying to go over-the-top with the racism jokes, that's what makes Dave Chapelle funny, but this didn't make it there.

The-WalrusZ responds:

fair enough. thanks.

Someone needs a hug.... YOU! *huggles*

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