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Way too short.

It was going somewhere good, then just stopped. You need at least an ending since you have a plot sort of beginning. And IIRC, the portals in Portal were orange, not red.

Its a fair enough collab.

Most of the C/Ts were fairly well-done. I especially liked MephistonX's. However fragmonkey's was wayyy too slow. The rest of the flashes were fine and dandy.

Preloader, Intro Movie, & Menu:
Could use a better preloader. Kinda simple considering the concept for the flash. The intro movie had a nice touch but its sound was awfully scratchy. At the menu, I'd like to see author's names with the C&T titles. I liked the buttons. =)

Looking forward to the next Sunday C&T!

RSQViper responds:

Thanks for the review. MephistonX's was the headliner fo rthe week. He put a lot of work into it.

The preloader is something that will be updated in the future, though. We already have that planned. As for the scratchy sound in the into, that was due to a very OLD recording from the "Muppets" critics Statler and Waldorph. It's hard not to use their recordings. I love those guys.

I am still thinking about the buttons. The author's names are in the Flashes themselves and if more artists get onboard the buttons will get smaller to allow room.

The next Sunday C&T is already in the works, my friend!


This movie makes me wanna go out, get some pizza, eat it, regurgitate it, eat it again, and drink Pepsi mixed with cough syrup. I have no idea whether that's a good or bad thing.

ViceFullbuster responds:

Like Vodka

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Obviously influenced heavily by Diablo.

The game is not properly balanced. The beginning levels are much harder than the later levels. Which makes for a very odd learning curve. Hard mode is not hard at all. Its just sitting there at your computer waiting for the dragon to kill off the enemies. You need to make Hard mode more hard and interesting and not just lots more life and extra damage.

Needs a pause button

This game is great visually and satisfies what it is set out to do. However, if there were no medals, this game would get boring way too fast. The range of enemies does not make a noticeable change in gameplay since they are all dealt with similarly. Powerups are too random, it would've been better if you could store a powerup then activate when needed.

What really ticked me off though is that there is no pause button. Also, the door/ramp below the lightning bolt sign is not a platform you can jump on.

Also some glitches I found:
Power-up appears but you cannot grab it.
Bomb appears, but you cannot attempt to diffuse it and when it is off-screen, there is no locator for it even though it will blow up.
Pressing Space and holding before overhead smash is completed will result in charcter continuing to be in the end of the Smash animation.

Great game but....

Glitch list:

Screen with CBS pumpkin - Looking at left side of screen does not have a description
Looking at where the box of cereal was brings up an empty Description
Looking at where the spider was still brings up the spider text
Looking and Picking to the right of the old lady houses just brings up "Disc" and "Pick"
After talking to the guy about the plumber, the camera doesn't shift all the way back.
@ the orange house and a couple of the outher houses and the trailer you cannot look at the things on top of it like the bat, kitty, etc. Looks like a hitbox problem.
Can get more than one moonshie if you keep clicking where it was.
After opening the gate, looking to the right area still tells you to unlock it.
It does not save all the time.
Ending is really laggy
If you press tab anytime after beating Satan, you can still pick answers by pressing Space.

I would think this affects the Secret Medal.

Mockery responds:

That's a really impressive bug list, very detailed.

I think they're all negligible enough not to waste time fixing though. Laggy ending can be fixed by upgrading your comp.

None of those affect the secret medal though...it should be working tomorrow when admin approves the latest update. :)

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