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Obviously influenced heavily by Diablo.

The game is not properly balanced. The beginning levels are much harder than the later levels. Which makes for a very odd learning curve. Hard mode is not hard at all. Its just sitting there at your computer waiting for the dragon to kill off the enemies. You need to make Hard mode more hard and interesting and not just lots more life and extra damage.

Needs a pause button

This game is great visually and satisfies what it is set out to do. However, if there were no medals, this game would get boring way too fast. The range of enemies does not make a noticeable change in gameplay since they are all dealt with similarly. Powerups are too random, it would've been better if you could store a powerup then activate when needed.

What really ticked me off though is that there is no pause button. Also, the door/ramp below the lightning bolt sign is not a platform you can jump on.

Also some glitches I found:
Power-up appears but you cannot grab it.
Bomb appears, but you cannot attempt to diffuse it and when it is off-screen, there is no locator for it even though it will blow up.
Pressing Space and holding before overhead smash is completed will result in charcter continuing to be in the end of the Smash animation.

Great game but....

Glitch list:

Screen with CBS pumpkin - Looking at left side of screen does not have a description
Looking at where the box of cereal was brings up an empty Description
Looking at where the spider was still brings up the spider text
Looking and Picking to the right of the old lady houses just brings up "Disc" and "Pick"
After talking to the guy about the plumber, the camera doesn't shift all the way back.
@ the orange house and a couple of the outher houses and the trailer you cannot look at the things on top of it like the bat, kitty, etc. Looks like a hitbox problem.
Can get more than one moonshie if you keep clicking where it was.
After opening the gate, looking to the right area still tells you to unlock it.
It does not save all the time.
Ending is really laggy
If you press tab anytime after beating Satan, you can still pick answers by pressing Space.

I would think this affects the Secret Medal.

Mockery responds:

That's a really impressive bug list, very detailed.

I think they're all negligible enough not to waste time fixing though. Laggy ending can be fixed by upgrading your comp.

None of those affect the secret medal though...it should be working tomorrow when admin approves the latest update. :)


First, let me say that its great that another game has medals. However, this game does not deserve them. It is severely unrefined. Too much focus is put on showcasing the artwork, which is satisfactory. However, many of the graphics seem to be unpolished and many colours simply do not match. It seems like this game was rushed to take advantage of the medal system.

The game itself was alright. Storyline was above par. It was substantially too hard for any beginner gamer. You should avoid developing a game that gives such a steep learning curve. It is a very large turn-off and you are not servicing fans. If you want to make the game hard, simply make the later levels harder, and keep the early levels easy, like every other game out in the world. It is definitely a grinder game and by no means a "twitch action brawler." Frankly on some levels, I don't see a way to finish the round with A+ rating, eg. the level 4 boss.

1) Jumping into the egdge of the screen results in a slow descent that can only be escaped by falling to the ground or jumping out of.
2) In-game achievements do not save, or show up on the main menu.
3) Falling through the ground and disappearing at the beginning of a round. Character will reappear if jump is pressed.
4) Beating level 3 seems to give the medal for no damage even though damage is taken.
5) The NG medals for A+ and beating the game do not work.
6) Character has powers of flight if constantly attacking in the air.
7) On level select screen, if already beaten the game, it shows the option to view the Epilogue through "Level 7". However, if another level is navigated to, Level 7 cannot be reached again unless the game is restarted.
8) Guns are far less accurate when shooting towards the left compared to shooting to the right.
9) Targeting system seems random?

Improvements needed:
1) Clarification of the gameplay mechanics - especially the 'Charge' feature. How can the charge button and the shoot button be the same button?
2) Explain at the end of the tutorial that it is necessary to get a rating of A++ to end it.
3) Don't camouflage the achievement list button on the level select screen. It looks like the character's tattoo.
4) Have in the tutorial something that requires use of the interaction button. I was stuck at level 3 trying to figure out how to progress when I finally found out in the controls list.
5) Indicate Level 7 is the Epilogue.
6) Have characters stay on-screen. Like, just make the boundaries on-screen, not off-screen.

Good game just one glitch.

Its an alright game in the vein of those Brain training games. Nothing special. With only 4 games, gets rather repetitive. I don't like the fact that you go through all the characters and there is no "You have beat all the charaacters" thing.

One glitch is if I complete Challenge I can't go past Einstein if there is enough to level up. It glitches and won't allocate experience and the game really starts glitching.

Nice lil game

Good game and it has a lot of potential for sequels. Beat it using 192 commands. Would like a high score table or some sort of rating system to tell how well as a programmer you are. As well as more levels. There's alot you could do with this like multiple colours, multiple robots, more functions.


Such a great game that I just played all the way through to level 101 in an hour and I was like "YES! FINALLY!" But to dismay my computer could not handle the graphical awesomeness of the boss (particularly the point where it comes rushing towards you) and I couldn't even pause the game to change the settings. So I looked to see if there was a level code so I could play on a different computer, but was there one? NOOOOOOOO. I was like WTF?!(since I didn't pay attention to the previous codes)

I am so turned off of this game now. (Unless you can give me a code to level 100 or something.)

Very good idea.

Its been a while since I've heard that song. Brings back good memories. My account = $531.22. Amazing.

Nice little game.

Graphics: Excellently drawn and animated.

Style: No plot whatsoever. Needs more, in general, stuff. Like different enemies, different guns, more levels, a reloading function, more backgrounds, etc.

Sound: Some background music would be nice and maybe a sound effect when a guy dies, or you get hurt.

Interactivity: No bugs/glitches found.

Not bad, but could use a lot more. Maybe you just wanted a small filesize, but I'd sacrifice filesize for more stuff.

Smith responds:

i was going to have reloads but i forgot
plus i got sick of making stuff for it so i just finished it up

Still no sound?

Graphics: It is much better than your previous one at least.

Style: Kinda original game. Needs more enemies/obstacles.

Sound: Definitely needs sound/backgound music. We need something to occupy our minds.

Interactivity: In the beginning is the block that you start on supposed to move? Otherwise no bugs/glitches.

Add some sound, man and this game would be much better. Good game for the filesize, though.

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