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I'm officially back!

Posted by Wylo - May 26th, 2009

For the Newgrounds Medal Games FAQs and Tips see my alt account.

I'm finally back!

And facing serious NG withdrawal after having no access for a month since it was blocked in China. Although I was able to access it using proxies and Tor, those often came blocked too so it wasn't worth the hassle.

Learned a lot of Mandarin, saw a lot of great stuff, did tons of shopping , and ate a ton of good and bad food. Main places saw - Iner Mongolia (Hohhot, grasslands, desert); Xi'an (Terracotta Soldiers, Huaqing Hot Spring); Beijing (Big Bell Temple, Lama Temple, Confucius Temple, Old and New Summer Palaces, Underwater Great Wall, Tian An Men Square, and a few other temples). But I still didn't do all I wanted to do.

Its really easier to live there. Just teach English and you will earn plenty to live comfortably. Met quite a few foreigners there who have been doing that for a few years now.

Some hacker got control of my account around May 23rd and pretended that it was me already back. So I missed out on 20 experience. But I have my account back now and am ready to rev up my NG engine again.

P.S. Need a better camera.


We missed you! I'll also miss my #1 medal spot. :(

Welcome back, Wylo!

Welcome back Wylo. Have fun getting all the medals you missed :D

Welcome back. It's a shame about losing EXP, but at least it wasn't for longer.

cool account ranked number 2 with blams and saves and rank 49. wish i had the account haha. glade you could come back.

Nice to see you again

Welcome back!

Sorry about the hacking thing Wylo. Corky52 had me deposit for you a few days when you were gone, but somehow someone got the password. Sorry for your trouble.

Welcome back!

Welcome back Wylo!

you screwed up seed of destruction. You'll never get those 15 points now :(

eh? I don't understand. I haven't even played that game yet

Looks Like you did start a game and got the "I am literate" medal. Now you can't get the illiterate one

Damn, the hacker must've loaded that game up. Fuck.

You're lucky you only missed two days of experience. I'm gonna miss a few weeks worth of points when I go to Germany...

Already working on medals, eh?

Get someone to deposit for you. Finishing up on the few games I need to complete.

welcome back wylo...a lot of us in the forums missed u..

Now that you have had time to play Seed of Destruction do you think it's possible to get the flatten 100 pedestrians medal because I don't think it's possible without "help".

I don't believe its possible. The rate of pedestrian appearances seem to increases as you get lower on time and this does not seem to provide with enough of them.

welcome back we missed u from nicktick

haha i kinda felt that way after i was gone for about 4 months.
but youvee been here since 2000 so oud have it more ive only been here since 04/05. cool acount.

9 years come and gone...

Yay, welcome back friend!!!

Your header is broken

hello :D


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