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Engineering Rules The World!

Posted by Wylo - April 18th, 2009

Away in China til the beginning of June.

For the Newgrounds Medal Games FAQs and Tips see my alt account.


Just finished off my last exam of my undergraduate career. Now lets just hope I passed all my courses so I can officially graduate. No matter, I still got my Iron Ring so I can still fake being an engineer if I don't actually pass.


Congrats. Wish I were in your shoes. My life isn't so exciting.

Believe me, my life isn't all that exciting. I just dress it up to entertain.

Normally, I would say penis to something like this. However, it makes me wonder: why do I get satisfaction from my inherent irrelevance? We're all just little dots on a little globe around a little fire in the middle of a gaping eternity. Thanks, Wylo.


Someone's a lil emo. There, there, nobody loves you.

Sweet, I have 1 more year before I get my ring (Damn you internship).

Grats. I did an internship too. Hated every minute of it.

Congratulations to the 81 years old engineer! You can already retire.

With what pension? Don't have any retirement funds.

You're a engineer?

Not yet, officially. I will get my degree, then I gotta work for 4 years before I can be called an actual professional engineer.

Can you vote 5 on my flash's pwease :)
Pretty please?

Also gratz on being no1 medalist.

I hate tutorials with a passion.

Congrats, good sir. Long may you toil in the field of engineering, proving both your manly capability to repair machinery of various kinds and also your ability to bend metal to your will.

And may I never experience the Ultimate Breaking Strain.

Engineering is a good field of study to go into. Lots of jobs are opening up for engineers, My dad just got out of USA (United Space Alliance) and now works for Siemens.

Tell that to engineering companies. Its hard to get a job right now in the recession.

Well, although I don't approve of cheating, it doesn't hurt to have a safe-net eh?

Safe-net? You can't cheat at life.

lololol Have fun in oppressive polluted China :D

Hope they don't block NG there. I'm going to go into withdrawl.

You're going to China?
But how will you keep your medal points rank?
Someone will soon surpass you

No matter, I'll earn them when I get back. Its good sometimes to let others take the spotlight. Not like the medals are going to be a limited time thing.

I thought u were over 80 years old!
do u think u can last that long till u become an officially graduate?

I was, now I'm not =(. I un-aged. I can last as long as you want baby ;)

is it mechanical engineering ?

Chemical Engineering

A fellow engineer! What field are you? lol at the ring.

lucky bastard...i envy your ass

Hope you're having fun in China, there are a lot of new games with medals here for you when you get back.