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Games With Medals

Posted by Wylo - March 8th, 2009


All info regarding NG Games with Medals has been moved to my alt account due to this single post becoming too unwieldy. Refer to that post for all further updates and FAQ.

This post will no longer be updated.

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Latest Updates
Work on new FAQ blog has begun due to this post growing too large.

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Check out the Newgrounds Medals - Games and Tips thread for tips and discussions on medal games.

If you are having troubles opening the games in FireFox due to the AdBlock problem, add the following Exception Rule:

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Games with Medals - Total = 2010 Points (1945 attainable due to glitches)
Portal Defenders - 510 Points
Alkie Kong 2 - 500 Points
Thing-Thing Arena 3 - 500 Points
Fear Unlimited Issue2 - 500 Points (435 attainable due to glitches)

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How to delete your save game
Warning! Proceed at your own risk.
If you wish to delete your save game and there is no function in-game to delete it, you will have to delete it manually on your computer. Clearing the cache or your cookies will not clear your save game. There are two ways:

Easy Way
This method will delete ALL Flash save games as well as history and temporary files for most common applications. Download and install CCleaner (it is a pretty nifty cleaning application not just applicable to this situation). Run it, navigate to the "Application" tab, and ensure "Adobe Flash Player" is checked. Uncheck everything you don't want to be cleaned. Then press "Run Cleaner."

Hard Way
This will only delete the single save game but requires more digging. Save games for Flash applications are usually stored as a Flash SharedObject as a ".sol" file, not cookies or in your cache. They are generally stored in "C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\F lash Player\#SharedObjects" Once there, there should be a couple of folders. Find the one with several folders in it with URLs as names. Navigate to the folder called "uploads.ungrounded.net" Now, search each folder and sub-folder for the appropriate game and delete the .sol file.

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Portal Defenders - Walkthrough
Enemies attack only if you are located directly left or right, not above or below. Thus, approach the enemy from above or below and attack when in your range. This applies to every single enemy including bosses.

Q. I can't get the Nose Diver medal!
A. There are actually two headlines for the Moderator wave. One for the boss battle and one for the regular mods.

Q. How to get a large combo?
A. Do not use a slowpoke, like Bob. Pick someone faster. Also, pick someone who is weak since you want to keep the enemies alive as long as possible for a larger combo. Try to group the enemies together by running around them. Then start spam hitting them. While holding down the left/right key to slowly progress to the edge of the screen where they will be trapped.

Q. What's the code for the Treasure Chest Decoder?
A. "Its easy as 1-2-3!" Or... crown-turd-thumbs up.

Q. How to clean >80% with P-Bot?
A. It's best if you are in a corner when your character hops onto P-Bot. Start from that corner and drive down (or up) the screen. When you are all the way down ( or up) go left (or right, depending on which side of the screen you are) until you see your percentage rise by 1 point. Then drive up (or down) all the way, go left (right) until percentage rises 1 point. Continue until time runs out.

Q. Tips for Wadolf?
A. Everytime Wadolf gets hit down, he will come back up, salute and teleport. He will then spawn up to 2 zombies. A maximum of 3 zombies will be on the screen at one time. After spawning zombies he is available for attack for a few seconds. If he does not spawn zombies, then he will immediately start running to attack you. When Wadolf gets close enough he will either karate chop you or more commonly SHOOT HIS LAZOR! AVOID HIS LAZOR AT ALL COSTS. The key is to run around the zombies, avoiding their attacks and hit Wadolf using the up/down approach described before. Or simply bomb Wadolf as he comes running to you.

Alkie Kong - Walkthrough
Bats regenerate if hit down. And usually return to the same route but a different height.

Q. Any differences between difficulty levels?
A. Aside from the obvious life and heart handicaps, enemies will be faster and there will be more bats in levels. Boss health will be the same.

Q. I'm can't find the bottle to make 24!
A. The bottles per level go: 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-2, 5-1, 6-2, 7-2, 8-2, 9-2, 10-1, 11-2, 12-2, 13-1, 14-2, 15-2. A commonly missed bottle is on stage 13 after you hit the switch, jump on the platform to your right before it goes up.

Thing-Thing Arena 3 - Guide
Q. For medals and achievements is the kill quantity counted cumulatively?
A. No, you must earn the set amount of kills in a single round.

Q. Tips for headshots?
A. Use dart grenade launcher and aim for their heads.

Q. Tips for acid grenade launcher medal/achievement?
A. Go to Dungeon Large. Find an acid grenade launcher. Move to room at left bottom corner. Shoot grenades at the right every few seconds. An ammo crate will respawn in front of you regularly but if you need more ammo, go search for other ammo crates and then return.

Q. How to Execute?
A. Use the lead pipe. Stun the enemy with a shot, then press the Execute key, default is 'F'.

Q. What weapons does "Tried 'Em All" require?
A. All the weapons, excluding Artifact 19 but including Lead Pipe and dual-wielding weapons.

Q. How to get Artifact 19?
A. Complete all in-game weapon kill quantity achievements and never quit to menu. This does not include total kill quantity, just kill quantity for each weapon. Always die if you want to quit the game otherwise it will not save. After earning all achievements, die to complete the round, start a new round, and Artifact 19 is in a third weapon slot that you gain. There is no message in-game notifying you of this. You can view in-game achievements through the pause menu.

Fear Unlimited Issue2
Q. WHY THE F#@% is this game so hard?!!!
A. Because its unpolished and contains many bugs/glitches. Also, because its a grinding game and not a "twitch action brawler" as the author describes it. Once you change your impression of what the game should be to what it actually is, its much easier. Sometimes the game will not progress due to a glitch. In this case you must restart the game and if it repeats try a different difficulty or a different set of moves.

But if you still want to play the game....

Or rather, build up HellDrive on easy opponents with Down+D and flying attacks, then spam HellDrive with either jumping above or Down+D on the tough ones that you cannot get close to or have insane life. By flying attack I mean while in the air, mash attack and you will fly. Note: HellDrive damage is not applicable to major bosses on missions 2, 4, and 6 but is applicable to end-of-level bosses on 3 and 5. For a little extra damage, mash down S with Down+D, but be warned, it may backfire occasionally on certain opponents, like Mission 6 boss.

If you find yourself falling off-screen at the beginning of a round or knocked down from an enemy attack there's an easy way to escape unscathed. Hold Down, then quickly hit Jump then D. You'll move into the typical Down+D attack and can easily escape any attacks while doing some damage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT FINISH BOSSES OFF AT LEFT CORNER OF MAP. If you do, a glitch will occur, freezing the game. You must finish them off elsewhere on the map.

Q. How many levels of Blue Orb (max health upgrade) are there?
A. There are 15 levels and will cost a total of 106,000 blood.

Q. How to/Why won't it give me the medal for A+?
A. You must do it on Slayer or higher. This correlates to the descriptions in the in-game achievement list. Obtaining the scores required A+ is easier on higher levels as there are more enemies and they can take more hits for larger combos. Hybrid seems to be a very suitable difficulty due to having more enemies. But bosses can be killed on Slayer since there is no quantity requirement.

Requirements for A+
Mission 1 - 300,000, 3 minutes, 30 kills
Mission 2 - 350,000, 2 minutes, 1 kill
Mission 3 - 550,000, 5 minutes, 50 kills
Mission 4 - 650,000, 4 minutes, 1 kill
Mission 5 - 550,000, 5 minutes, 50 kills
Mission 6 - 650,000, 4 minutes, 1 kill

Q. What about upgrading the weapon medal?
A. You must upgrade 10 times. Which means get to level 11.

Q. What medals are bugged?
A. Beating the game, max magic medal, and Perfectionist medals look to be glitched. Is unavailable until further notice when the author decides to fix it. Note: "Slaughter Master" is still attainable (beating all levels on Impossible).

Q. What's the difference between difficulties?
A. Increase in difficulty results in: enemy modifications of higher health, higher damage power, different types, slightly different AI, and more waves; character modifications of slower HellDrive charge and slower style rank increase.

Q. What's the fastest way to earn blood (cash)? - Courtesy of wismty
A. Play mission 6 repeatedly on Mortal. It shouldn't take more than 2 minutes and you'll get 1,500 blood for each fight. Do not forget to save after each battle.

Q. How to beat mission 2? - Courtesy of KrevZabijak
A. Use the Down+D attack and trap her in a corner. Luanch her and yourself into the air with Up+D. Start flying with D. She will jump up to try to reach you so descend to her jump height while still flying to meet her and whack away at her. When she blocks, mash D faster to ascend and let her drop. Repeat til death.

Q. How to beat mission 3?
A. Press W to go through the doors, a critical thing left out in the tutorial.

Q. How to beat mission 4?
A. This boss seems to have an internal counter. As you melee him, his counter will build up and he will block continuously. After time, his counter will drop and he will stop blocking. Run to side. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Then do a regular D attack through through him. And repeat. The key is to melee slow enough such that your last hit will be blocked, as indicated by the sound effect. This is important to build up your Style meter and will significantly decrease the time taken to complete the round.

Q. How to beat mission 5?
A. Hit the clock-like looking object in the centre of the map repeatedly.

Q. How to beat mission 6?
A. Mission 6 becomes impossibly easy due to the flying glitch, if you could call it that. From starting the level, get the guy to follow you to the left, jump over him and keep him in the left corner with melee attacks. Jump up and just start attacking him in the air with D controlling your flight. You want to stay just above his neck. If done properly, he will repeatedly do his ground dash attack but stay in the corner. Do not venture too high or else he will do his wide-swoosh attack, hurting you. Another good indicator of placement is that your foot is just above the rectangle of the dash attack. Also, avoid the freeze game glitch by finishing him off not at the left corner.


This certainly seems like it will be helpful, thanks for the list.

Also, your medal count is amazing, I'd probably struggle to equal them out if every single game on the site had enabled them.

The list won't be long-lived, I expect, due to the high demand for an official list. Though, once the official one comes out, I may maintain this list for the point count and medal count.

You actually got 1010 points?!?!


Thanks for the list, Wylo, I'll be sure to check it often to see if more games are available. Btw how the hell did you beat alkie kong without getting dying? I know practice makes perfect, but doing that is near impossible, not to mention the beating it in brutal mode.

Practice does make perfect. A lot of practice on level 15 and 14 until I could get it done somewhat consistently.

Let see if you can get all of the Thing-Thing Arena 3 medals, Wylo. :)

Done and done.

Fix your Thing-thing link, it's broken.

Why do I get the feeling that there will be one medal submission each week forever?

Thx for the catch. One medal submission a week is a good rate considering the number of medals each game has.

You're too good. I hate you.

One less person I hafta please. =/

I was kidding D: You're just really good and I'm jealous!

I was just kidding too. =]

I hereby crown you the undisputed champ!

YAY! My e-peen just grew an inch!

Great Medal Score! o.o!


You are good :) It also feels good that I am not the only one on here from London Ontario anymore :P

There's quite a few other Londoners around. Google some up.

Dude, you must be even more bored than I am!

Just kidding, hyper props for Deity. Just wondering, have you played Alkie before or did you (like me) only go to it for the medals? Because I'm not even gonna TRY and tackle the deathless medals unless I have a day with nothing but patience.

I've played it way back when it was on the Front Page. I can't remember if I beat it or not.

I'm onlf a few medals behind you.


Btw, thanks for the F.A.Q ! if i ever think i just got a medal, that i do not get it, and that i think it is weird, i will go see this news post !

Your welcome. >_<

You might want to add the list of the number of bottles per level in Alike Kong.

That might help people also, it helped me.

Note taken.

Fear unilited 2 is freaking hard still on elvel two god feaking dammit

Wow you made it to level 2. Congrats. I couldn't even get past level 1 after half an hour so I quit.

Good luck with the Fear Unlimited Medals, I haven't been able to get a single one.

I doubt the author can even beat it.

Good luck getting all the medals in thet new game :P

Needs more than luck. Needs a miracle.

Yeah, wtf is with Fear Unlimited Issue 2, when I kill an enemy it just comes back...

Its called respawning? That's how the game should work. One of the only things that works.

Wow! That Fear Unlimited Issue2 is fucking impossible to get all the medals. Not even you could beat it! :(

I hope the author pays attention to the feedback. I'm surprised the Flash still has such a high score.

Also, I can't get artifact 19 because when I was tired of playing TTA3 I closed the window. What do you think I should do to get artifact 19

Play it again? And don't close the window? XD

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