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Got an Internship

Posted by Wylo - September 8th, 2007

Just got a 12 month engineering internship at a company called Presstran, a subsidery of Magna International. They manufacture complete and incomplete car parts, mostly metal stampings. I'll be helping design and implement a new floor plan to optimize efficiency and safety, ie. rearranging furniture. Funny thing is that its a Mechanical Engineering position, but they wanted a Chemical Engineering student cuz they think we have good process thinking, or somethink like that. I got no idea, but I'm still happy.

I got the position in just 5 days since they posted it right before school began, those dam last-minute people. I start on the 10th. I'm so happy I don't hafta go back to school for a year (NO HOMEWORK/PROJECTS!!!). Which also means I have more time for other things... like NG. Now, I just need to find a used car so I can commute from my home. Anyone recommend any good places to search for used cars in the London area?


So do you go to Western?

If so, how is it? I'm thinking of applying there...

Western? Its a good place. If you're looking for parties and a great social experience, Western is the place to be. If your looking for a good education, it depends what program you're in.

The Engineering program, I'd say, is pretty good, but I regret not going to UoT. Just because I would like more of a challenge. The business program is top-notch since we are affiliated with Ivey. The health/bio related science programs are good if you are thinking about med school. I have no idea about the physics/computer science/math/arts programs though, my best bet is that they are average or a little above average.

Again, if you want a social life come to Western, otherwise go to UoT. The students here aren't nearly as competitive as at UoT, though.

Awesome, thanks for the info :D

No prob. If u got anymore questions, feel free to ask.

thanx for info but are you really 81?

Probably not.

How old are you?
You can't really be 81, Right?!

Probably not.

So how old are you?

I'm as old as you think I am by my writing.

so your... 18-30?

Perhaps. That's a good guess at an age range.

Are you going to check for breast cancer?
(I kinda think you will because of the breast cancer awareness month, And the new
sites "style"....)

Yup! Breast cancer is a very serious issue. My mother has metastatic breast cancer that spread to her liver. The doctors said she only has 3 months to live. Now, she is trying to look for clinical trials to help breast cancer research.

Hey babe ^_^

Sounds like a sweet job man, I'm getting my hands on a Mitsubishi Magna in just a couple of months, niiiiiiiiiiiice, hahha. Actually it's a piece of crap, and '89-'90 Magna, but anyways, nice stuff with landing the job.

My my, it has been a while, hasn't it? I'm just about to start my final exams for high school (tomorrow, infact), and so I should FINALLY have some free time for the net come December.

How've you been doing? Hit me back on my page, negro, as I'll forget to check up on this ^_^

Oh yeah, and a massive, MASSIVE dose of MAJOR PROPS to you for snatching the #1 spot, big-boy.

Remember when you just learnt how to post on the forums and you joined the NGDD, and then you snagged EGSC ^_^ good times, mo fo, good times.


Heh, yeah my exams stretch 5 weeks negro, it's going to be some hell for me starting friday ^_^

Your car looks pretty nice - exterior + shape looks similar to what we have called Toyota Camry's... except yours has a 3.8L V6, far bigger than the camry's 2.2L 4 cylinder or the 3L V6 hahah. That's America for you, anyways.

Oh and I wasn't giving you a REMINDER to post on the forums (i mean, who does THAT anymore...), read it again, I was reminding you about when you first started posting, nub. ^_^

And as for ma future, I'm booked in to a Business degree in banking and finance. Extremely boring but I'll be raking in the dough if someone bloody well employs me after I finish, hahaha. Ttys negrette.

Congrats on the internship.

Also, when do you plan to stop b/ping? 111,111, 200,000, 1,000,000!? or just whenever you feel like?

Most likely whenever I feel like it. Right now, I'm not bping as much as I used to. Mainly cuz I'm busy. I might bp more in the future should someone catch up.

Cool, good luck on any future achievements. I hope you stay up top for longer than the previous two leaders did. Also, I find it quite strange that you haven't become a moderator on this site. Your incredibly experienced with the site, thats for sure. Has nobody from the NG crew?

Also, I find it fascinating that everyone cares how old you are. Why does it matter so much to everyone?

Thanks for the compliments. I should be able to stay at the top for at least half a year or so, I hope. AfroStud is catching up quickly.

Reason why I'm not a mod is cuz I'm not active enough either on the forums or reviewing, or anything other than b/ping. And there ain't no b/p mod. I'm sure if I spent a cpl months actively pursuing a specific modship, there would be no trouble but right now life is too busy.

I dunno y ppl care how old I am. I guess they think that since my profile says I'm a girl, they wanna see if I could be available to them. Boys will be boys. The funny thing thou, is that if I change my profile now, I'll hafta change my inputted birthdate cuz the max age on NG is 80. Do I see age discrimination to all the 80+ year olds on NG?

Way to go. It does seem odd that they use a Chemical Engineer for a Mechanical Engineering position. I have an off topic question. How long did it take for you to reach Supreme Commander?

3-4 years. I can't rightly remember.