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Someone needs a hug.... YOU! *huggles*

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guys, shift 4 IS broken, you only have them because you got them before they broke.

also, good job getting O))) :D

Just takes some time.

Hey you didn't reply to my PM!! >=[
How did you get medals in Fear unlimited?
There aren't any!!!! Are you a cheater? ôO

I never got a PM from you. There originally were medals in Fear. They got removed. They seem to saving to the profile again though.

Dear Wylo,

I have a question for you:

How do you get "27,569" exp. points?
I only get 10 point each time.


BTW : thank you for responding (if you do).

Because I'm special.

When NG first started, exp points were attainable in different numbers, not just in tens.

Someone Set Us the Bomb is not broken. You have to hear the sequence of the song that have a part making the bomb appear.

How do you know, if you haven't gotten the medal?

Would it be possible to help me in potal defenders

Go to the walkthroughs

even if walktroughs give me strategic advice on handling most situations i never was one to read instructions thats why i suk at games compared to u hands on is my way but did u know your 20sometin in the rankins list which means your going to be epic.

Can't learn everything just by hands-on.

wow, you got those medieval rampage medals pretty fast. :O
I see a trick to upgrade all weapons on one playthrough, though I'm having difficulty with the "beat entire game with 50-% hp".

Beating the game with 50% isn't too hard. Just gotta keep a closer eye on your health.

It´s a funny question but I try it one time and I got two bombs in two spins. That normally happens at a piiiii or something like that.

Oops, I accidentally deleted the last comment. I played MR2 with less than 50% the whole game through, not just the end of the level.

I've gotten 2 bombs in 2 spins, never three though.

holy crap you are one skilled player

On OCD+ how the heck did you get that one where you must wait for 3 days or whatever? How can your internet have coped with it?

Is there a trick to it or something?

check out the page linked in the first line of the post.

You have medals for hoverbot arena 2, how? I played it but it didn't have any medals

They didn't pop up for you when you met the medal conditions?

Congrats on becoming a mod. What do you moderate the BBS?


You are more yellow-y than I remember.

Good luck and congratulations!

I love you.

Now you'll have less time to achieve medals since you are a mod. >:)

Just means more time I spend on NG.

congrats on being a mod.

All my words r belong 2 u.

you won't delete reviews for using old over-played memes will you?

As long as they are AWESOME.

Wylina must be happy.

Oh she is. She's never got to play with a banstick before. And she's loving it.


It would be nice to learn how to be literate after learning to read. Although, it's still possible to read the instructions within the time limit . . . which annoys me because being literate gives you a slightly higher-pointed medal. Well, it's neat you're a review mod. Enjoy removing reviews and such.

Dude congrats on the Moderator Stat, and Level 51. That just looks pure amazing!

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