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This certainly seems like it will be helpful, thanks for the list.

Also, your medal count is amazing, I'd probably struggle to equal them out if every single game on the site had enabled them.

The list won't be long-lived, I expect, due to the high demand for an official list. Though, once the official one comes out, I may maintain this list for the point count and medal count.

You actually got 1010 points?!?!


Thanks for the list, Wylo, I'll be sure to check it often to see if more games are available. Btw how the hell did you beat alkie kong without getting dying? I know practice makes perfect, but doing that is near impossible, not to mention the beating it in brutal mode.

Practice does make perfect. A lot of practice on level 15 and 14 until I could get it done somewhat consistently.

Let see if you can get all of the Thing-Thing Arena 3 medals, Wylo. :)

Done and done.

Fix your Thing-thing link, it's broken.

Why do I get the feeling that there will be one medal submission each week forever?

Thx for the catch. One medal submission a week is a good rate considering the number of medals each game has.

You're too good. I hate you.

One less person I hafta please. =/

I was kidding D: You're just really good and I'm jealous!

I was just kidding too. =]

I hereby crown you the undisputed champ!

YAY! My e-peen just grew an inch!

Great Medal Score! o.o!


You are good :) It also feels good that I am not the only one on here from London Ontario anymore :P

There's quite a few other Londoners around. Google some up.

Dude, you must be even more bored than I am!

Just kidding, hyper props for Deity. Just wondering, have you played Alkie before or did you (like me) only go to it for the medals? Because I'm not even gonna TRY and tackle the deathless medals unless I have a day with nothing but patience.

I've played it way back when it was on the Front Page. I can't remember if I beat it or not.

I'm onlf a few medals behind you.


Btw, thanks for the F.A.Q ! if i ever think i just got a medal, that i do not get it, and that i think it is weird, i will go see this news post !

Your welcome. >_<

You might want to add the list of the number of bottles per level in Alike Kong.

That might help people also, it helped me.

Note taken.

Fear unilited 2 is freaking hard still on elvel two god feaking dammit

Wow you made it to level 2. Congrats. I couldn't even get past level 1 after half an hour so I quit.

Good luck with the Fear Unlimited Medals, I haven't been able to get a single one.

I doubt the author can even beat it.

Good luck getting all the medals in thet new game :P

Needs more than luck. Needs a miracle.

Yeah, wtf is with Fear Unlimited Issue 2, when I kill an enemy it just comes back...

Its called respawning? That's how the game should work. One of the only things that works.

Wow! That Fear Unlimited Issue2 is fucking impossible to get all the medals. Not even you could beat it! :(

I hope the author pays attention to the feedback. I'm surprised the Flash still has such a high score.

Also, I can't get artifact 19 because when I was tired of playing TTA3 I closed the window. What do you think I should do to get artifact 19

Play it again? And don't close the window? XD

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